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Fazer Bakery Export

Fazer is one of the leading companies globally when it comes to baking of really tasty and healthy rye breads. Whether it is long shelf-life crisp bread - Fazer Crisp -, portion bread packed in modified atmosphere packaging, or frozen bread in different forms - the offering includes plenty of interesting and unique products.

A long shelf life makes it possible to exports products all over Europe or even global markets.  For out-of-home markets, Arctic breads or "pain polair", as they are often called in French-speaking countries, are excellent for making sandwiches, wraps, kebabs, pockets or a lot of other things - creativity is the only limit.

Sandwich manufacturers, restaurants and cafés are our typical customers in this category. Our Nordic specialties include also Karelian pasties which are perfect for all kinds of snacking occasions. Among our latest novelties are branded Dumle Donuts and Muffins which successfully combine elements of Dumle Confectionery (one of the leading Fazer confectionery brands) and long shelf-life bakery products.

Fazer exports bakery products to many Nordic and Central European countries, including Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, UK and several other markets, not to forget Canada and Australia. Our mission is to create taste sensations as part of Fazer’s company strategy. We welcome our all existing and new customers to participate in our exiting journey to new places!

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